Using Belli Skin Care

The time of being pregnant is a time full of joy, but it can also be a time of real apprehension and concern. Health issues can crop up and one of those concerns is the health and appearance of one’s skin. And that is one concern that an up-and-coming healthy skin care company, developed especially for pregnant women, is concerned about. Belli Skin Care has been developed as an answer for those concerns by a physician to address these issues.

The Belli Skin Care system is recommended by OBGYN’s around the globe, as it has no harmful ingredients or toxic impurities that could possibly be a danger to the inborn infant. In addition to providing an excellent formula for mothers-to-be, the company also has a collection that caters to moms after the delivery of their babies that deals with the changes that occur during the postpartum period.

Stringent testing is conducted to maintain complete integrity of the product and to be certain that no ingredients from the bell skincare product enters any of the mother’s breast milk, making certain of the complete safety of the newborn baby, should the mother make the decision that nursing is the best direction for her baby. The third sector of the premier skin care line is the natural, irritant free formula for the skin care of the new baby.

When a woman becomes pregnant, there occurs a rapid weight increase that happens mostly in the area of the abdomen. The strain that is place upon the skin in that area and it will stretch and many women will experience stretch marks. The Belli Elasticity Belly Oil will give the expectant mom great relief with its blend of lavender olive oil, vitamin E, and gotu kola extracts. The skin is nourished and moisturized, and its application prevents the damage of the tearing that leads to the stretch marks.

If a woman already has experienced some stretch marks, she can obtain relief with the Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream. This is a repairing and healing acne control spot treatment that will help to reduce the look and the severity of the stretching of the skin. If the cream is applied twice per day, in as little as a month you will be able to see results.

Pregnancy can create its own problems with a woman’s hormonal makeup and breakouts can occur anytime. It is important to take care of any blemishes and pimple to insure that no infection occurs. Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash uses a degree of lactic acid, which has been found to be safe during pregnancy. The wash cleans the pores of any impurities and then exfoliates the skin in a gentle way to keep the skin clear and moist. The regular use of the wash will prevent any future breakouts and leave the skin radiant and clear.

Some of the main points of interest about the Belli Skin Care line are:

·   The product is a lightweight facial moisturizer that is very rich in humectants of a botanical nature, that is completely save for expectant Moms.

·   The skin is left very refined and clear, without becoming over dried

·   The Belli acne Skin Care product line offers an acne spot treatment that destroys acne with Sulfur and Tea Tree Oil.

·   The new mother-to-be is protected against face discoloration and tired eyes that seem to be common during pregnancy.

·   There is a special treatment for stretchmarks that occur as the baby grows and the abdomen expands, stretching the skin. The treatment moisturizes and sooths the skin so that it heals as the expansion continues.

·   There is a two-step kit that combats the occasional dark spots that occur due to changes in the hormones during pregnancy.

·   There are two incredible products for belli skincare’s during pregnancy, which also provide a very balance and pure cleansing for the entire body.

·   Included is an invigorating body scrub, that is safe for use during pregnancy, as it sweeps away the old skin leaving only the skin that is healthy.

Women who use the skin care line that is designed especially for pregnant mothers and their babies experience such an overwhelming relief from using the belli skin products, that there is a real demand for the product on a global basis. Since the formula has been designed by a physician particularly for pregnant women, it is highly acclaimed and in great use.’

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